Tell Me About Fuel Stick

Whether you are a transport fleet operator or private vehicle user,chances ar a large portion of your monthly expenses is allocated to fuel.Fuelstick is a superior product that offers all diesel and gasoline engines-two-strokes included-better fuel economy while at the same time increasing engine performance and longevity.

Fuelstick was developed by combustion experts in New Zealand and over many years have perfected the formula.The manufacturing process is now being done under strict quality control conditions in southern Malaysia.

Fuelstick is simply placed directly into the fuel tank through the filler tube when you put fuel in the tank.For industrial applications the Fuelstick block or gel is premixed with diesel fuel to ensure adequate dispersion throughtout the entire tank.Fuelstick dissolves completely within the fuel and contains NO corrosive compounds,which may affect your fuel system.It is not possible to overdose the tank using Fuelstick thereby eliminating any potential risk to the engine.

Fuelstick contains active ingredients that work to increase the viscosity of individual spray droplets of fuel to produce more uniform spary droplets.This, in turn, introduces a more consistent fuel molecule to the engine at the time of ignition.The end results is more power, a better burn rate and fewer emissions.

Fuelstick provides a fuel savings of up to 20percent and up to and 80 percent reduction in engine emissions.As well, it is guaranteed to increase the octane rating of the fuel you are using by up to seven points and the cetane rating by up to six points.

From cars, trucks and boats, ships and heavy industrial machinery, all types of vehicle engines can safely use Fuelstick, to improve performance and reduce emissions & costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Tell me about Fuel Stick.

Fuel Stick was developed by combustion experts in New Zealand over many years and the manufacturing is now being done under strict quality control conditions in Southern Malaysia. The Fuel Stick cube is simply placed directly into the fuel tank through the filler tube when you put fuel in the tank. Just place the Fuel Stick on the trap door and push it through with the fuel filler nozzle. The Fuel Stick falls into the tank and dissolves completely in the fuel. Read the instructions on the pack for the appropriate amount of Fuel Sticks to use. This will depend on the amount of fuel you are putting in the tank.

What is Fuel Stick ?

Fuel Stick is a complex blend of highly refined renewable organic chemicals of exceptional quality designed specifically to improve engine life and performance. Fuel Stick is composed of a number of compounds, each one with a specific function. Some are to clean the engine fuel system and compression chamber, others increase the octane levels in petrol and cetane levels in diesel fuel and still others change the molecular structure of the fuel so it burns more evenly. These improvements will automatically improve engine performance, reduce exhaust emissions and increase power output.

How do we use the Fuel Stick ?

It is best to insert the stick before filling-up the fuel tank to ensure proper blending. As always, keep safety in mind when handling any fuel or fuel additives. Fuel Stick is completely safe to touch, hold and handle, but it is still is advisable to keep them out of the reach of children. It is always best to keep your Fuel Stick in their original box until you use them and store them below 50° C.
Should a stick/cube be swallowed somehow, seek professional medical help.

How is the Fuel Stick different from other gas additive product already on the marketplace ?

Cost Savings : Fuel Stick is manufactured in Southern Malaysia under strict quality controlled conditions. The largest consumer market is in Asia and most of the raw materials are available there so we can reduce the cost to the Asian public and make Fuel Stick very cost effective. Products brought in from the USA and Europe are not necessarily better but they certainly cost more to manufacture and ship to Asian markets.
Effectiveness : Fuel Stick is a far more complex blend of ingredients than most compressed fuel pills on the market today. There are, in fact, 6 active ingredients in Fuel Stick and each one has a specific function to clean and improve the performance of your engine. These ingredients can not be put into a compressed pill The cube shape with pre-measured stick sections makes them easy and convenient to use. They are completely safe to handle and can be kept in a cool place in the car or carried in your pocket or purse. They do not alter in storage and there are no disposal or spillage problems with messy bottles.

What are the major benefits offered by the Fuel Stick ?

The most important benefits from using Fuel Stick are increased power and better fuel economy. This is accomplished by:
1. Cleaning the fuel system and compression chambers.
2. Increasing the octane and cetane ratings of the fuel you are using.
3. Changing the molecular structure of the fuel so it burns more evenly.
It should be understood that not all results will be the same. Some results may be better than others for a number of different reasons – the actual condition of the engine, driving patterns, road and weather conditions etc all have an effect on the performance of any engine.

How frequently should I use the Fuel Stick ?

For best results “Fuel Stick” should be used on a regular basis with each fill. This will keep your engine clean and give you all the benefits of regular use.

What should I do if I only want to fill half of my fuel tank ? How many Fuel Stick cube should I use ?

If you are just topping up your tank with fuel there is no problem – just put the amount of “Fuel Sticks” into the tank that you require for the amount of fuel you are adding. The block of “Fuel Sticks” is divided into 10 sections and each one of those can also be broken in half so you just add the amount of “fuel Stick” you require.
Eg: An automotive block treats 200 litres of fuel in total so each “Stick” in the block will treat 20 litres and that can be broken in half as well so just put in what you require for the amount of fuel you are adding. You will not do any harm if you put to much in but it will also not improve the performance so just add approximately the amount you need.

Does Fuel Stick have a shelf storage life ?

Basically there’s no shelf life for "Fuel Stick" if it is left in its original pack and stored as recommended.

Should I be concerned about special storage conditions for Fuel Stick ?

Unused, the Fuel Stick can be stored in the locked glove box or trunk of the car. External temperatures will not have any effect on the shelf life, and the Fuel Stick will not melt in warm conditions under 50°C. Wherever you decide to store them, remember to keep the Fuel Stick safely away from children.

Does the Fuel Stick reduce emissions ? If so, is there any guarantee that my ten year old car will pass my vehicle emissions inspection at Vicom ?

Yes, the Fuel Stick reduces emissions in most vehicles. These reduction levels depend on the condition of the vehicle and the type and quality of the fuel used. However, we cannot and do not guarantee your car will pass any inspection. As you can appreciate, there are a multitude of factors that can influence the inspection end results.

How do I know the Fuel Stick is safe for my vehicle ? Has it ever been tested ?

“Fuel Stick” is made from ingredients that are completely compatible with your fuel and the fuel system of your car. These ingredients will not harm the seals, gaskets, fuel sensors or catalytic converters on any petrol or diesel vehicle. Yes, it's been thoroughly tested over a 1 year period.

Is the Fuel Stick suitable for my motorcycle ?

Yes, “Fuel Stick” is designed to be used on all 2 and 4 stroke engines. “Fuel Stick” can also be used effectively on generators, boats, lawn mowers and any small engines. It is very effective in reducing the exhaust smoke from 2 stroke engines and diesels.

Where can I buy Fuel Stick ?

This will depend on the country you live in. Please visit the Distributors page to find a Fuel-Stick vendor near you.

What will happen the first time I use Fuel Stick ?

You will notice a dramatic increase in power and the engine will run quieter and smoother. You will have better throttle response and you will not need to change gears as often at slower speeds and around corners.

I have just started using Fuel Stick and my car in jerking sometimes. Why is that ?

The compression chambers, valves, spark plugs and pistons of your car are obviously very dirty and “Fuel Stick” is cleaning them up. The injectors may also be dirty with gum deposits so clean-up may take a while. Keep using Fuel Stick and it will gradually improve. It will also be a good idea to change the spark plugs and have a tune-up after you have used 2-3 tanks of fuel with “Fuel Stick”

I don’t see any savings after I use Fuel Stick. Why is that ?

It must be understood that fuel savings vary depending on many factors. Have you maintained the same driving style or are you now using the increased power to accelerate and drive faster? The driver who uses “Fuel Stick” has two choices – he can either maintain the same driving style to save fuel or he can use the extra power to accelerate and drive faster.
There is, however, the condition of the engine to take into account. Is the engine dirty or worn out? If it is dirty, “Fuel Stick” will clean it up in time and then it will probably need a tune-up but if it is worn out, “Fuel Stick” can not solve that problem.
In Summary – Once “Fuel Stick” is dissolved in the fuel it will immediately start to clean up the engine fuel system and compression chambers. During this phase, if the engine is very dirty you will see more exhaust smoke and the engine may be jerky at times because it is trying to burn the carbon and varnish that it is cleaning from the engine. During the clean-up phase you may not see fuel savings but this will gradually improve as the engine is being cleaned.
The fuel will be conditioned to increase the octane (or cetane rating for diesel) and the molecular structure will be changed to make the fuel burn more evenly so you will experience more power and a smoother engine.
Have the engine tuned and the spark plugs changed if it has shown signs of being dirty during the clean-up phase and you will certainly save fuel and have more power.

What our clients say

  • We like to conclude on performance of Fuel Stick it has given us reduction in fuel cosumption by 19%.

    Rajneesh Sharma,
    Asistant Manager, Dr.Reddy Lab.
  • After using Fuel Stick in the ratio of 1 Liters treated by 1000 it has been observed that our combustion in the furnace is better and emission of smoke is also less.

    Tabinder Singh,
    V.P-Technical, Jay Parvati Forge.
  • We are happy with the performance of fuel stick & to our surprise it has given us reduction in fuel comsumption by 20%.

    Bhagirath Prajapat,
    Plant Manager, Microtek Infoset Limited.