Dosage Instructions

Retail & Commercial Dosage

The Fuel Stick System allows accurate dosing of the tank without having to do any complex math equations or worry about having to fill the fuel tank completely with each fill. It also works with a simple top up.

The product and images used on this page are for demonstration only. The quantity and type of Fuel Stick that you use may differ.

Open your fuel filler cap.

Roughly determine how many litres of fuel you will be placing in the fuel tank during your fill up. For this demonstration, we will be filling our fuel tank with 30 litres of fuel.

We've used this photo to show you how easy it is to determine how much or how many Fuel Sticks you will require for your fuel tank.

We have read the instructions contained in the Fuel Stick packaging and have determined that we need to snap off three sections of the Fuel Stick Product to dose 30 litres of fuel.

We snap off one stick (half of one row) for each 20 litres. (One row has two sticks.)

Place the Fuel Stick(s) into the fuel tank as far as possible. If your fuel filler has a screen like ours does in the photo, simply place the Fuel Sticks in the filler nex and push them through with the fuel nozzle. Place Fuel Sticks in Fuel Tank

Insert the Fuel Nozzle and deliver the required amount of fuel.<.

Here you can see that we've delivered 30 litres of fuel.

When finished, simply return the Fuel Nozzle back to the pump and replace your filler cap.

That's it, we're done.

Industrial Dosage

Industrial or Large powerplants need to have their Fuelstick fuel confitioner pre-mixed to ensure accurate dosing.Commercial or Industrial users will typically use either the traditional Fuelstick segmented block or the industrial gel depending on the typical dosing volume.Determine the amount of fuel to be added to the refueling system.

Premix the specified amount of Fuelstick addative in a seperate container or premix tank. Typically we mix the specified amount of fuelstick to one litre of fuel per every 1000 litres filled. So for a 5000 litre tank we would add Fuelstick to 5 litres of diesel to create a premix.

Add the premixed contents to the fuel tank and monitor fuel usage against captured baseline data.