Safe For Vehicles & Environment

There are no harmful effects to the engine,seals, catalytic converters of gas sensors from using Fuel Stick for prolonged periodsof time. In most cases it will be found that the engine burns much cleaner and exhaust emissions and smoke are reduced in diesel and 2 stroke gasoline engines. Because the octane rating of the fuel is increased , Most people find that they canuse a lower octane, less expensive fuel and still maintain the same performance as they would if they were using more expensive higher octane fuel, thus gaining further benefits from the use of Fuel Stick.

No product to our knowledge has anything close to the properties or the performance of Fuel Stick fuel conditioners. They have had rigorous testing of their incramental mileage delivery, increased power, performance and reduced exhaust emissions.

Our conditioners are biodegradable, dissolve completely in minutes and leave zero residues in your fuel tank, fuel injection system or engine.

The ingredients can not, and will not, harm any motor or engine and will only assist your vehicle with a cleaner, more powerfuland fuel efficient combustion process.

Actual effectiveness varies by vehicle, driver, individual driving habits and vehicle condition.

Fuel Stick Products are registered with the
United States Environmental Protection Agency.